So often, we go through life without really paying attention.  It's one of the reasons I love fall -- all of those leaves that you never really see turn on the color and say "LOOK!"

Artists and scientists rather specialize in paying attention.  Being aware of patterns and relationships.  Getting a giggle out of the small things in life.  Thinking ahead and behind.  Such are the roots of thinking creatively and sustainably.  What happens to that thing after I'm done with it?  Where does it go? (And, where did it come from?) 

Sustainablility requires a careful and thoughtful approach to how we grow and what we do.  We're thrilled that you're there with us.  If you wanted a share this year and weren't able to get one, I would encourage you to get on the mailing list for available CropShots - and get yourself "a dose of fresh" at a few points in the summer!

Thank you for your interest -- we're thrilled to be a part of a movement for better health, better taste, and a better environment!

Deb & Pat


My folks both grew up during the Great Depression.    My mother made most of my clothes, including clothes for my dolls.  She could make or craft or engineer pretty much anything, from hors d-oeuvres to a mended garden hose to an awesome gift for someone.  My dad could do anything - electrical, plumbing, construction - as well as crafting parts for things and turning old tools into new ones. 

We live in an age of "outsourcing" today.   Rather than making or fixing, we consume and buy.   And manufacturers make products ever less-fixable - contributing to the buy-and-throw mentality.  We don't use our own creativity much anymore - we pay someone else to be creative for us.

At the same time, we possess amazing creative abilities, and find great satisfaction in utilizing them.  We just don't remember that we really "can do" things -- we can fix, we can improvise, we can recycle, we can re-source, we can renew, we can reuse, we can upcycle -- the list goes on.  

Sustainable living involves rethinking how we live our lives.  Creative living means looking at things in a different way.  The two work well together!



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