A new option for getting farm-fresh produce!

Weekly crop shares aren’t the best fit for everyone. If you’re out of town a lot, if you’re not that crazy about preparing all of that produce, or if you’re just too busy to deal with it each week, the traditional crop share may not be for you. Now there’s another option!

A limited number of CropShots will be available each week from Uncle Herman’s Farm. A CropShot is a one-week pick – basically whatever CropSharers are getting that week, but without a commitment for the rest of the season! Purchase CropShots as you need - without registering for the entire run.

CropShots will be priced and available for purchase on the Uncle Herman’s Farm webpage as soon as the season’s distribution begins. You can select and purchase a CropShot on the webpage during the week, and it’ll be ready for you to pick up on Sundaynight!!


Featured Cropshots Items


Remember, your veggies come directly from the farm and are NOT WASHED!  It's your job to clean them thoroughly before enjoying!



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