The only known photo of "Uncle" Herman Efram, the German bachelor farmer who my father purchased our land from after World War II.  Herman is show on the left, with his brother Tom, a snapping turtle, and their dad.  

My father, Fred Hannu, helped Herman on his farm when he was a kid.  Fred had his eye on the land since his teenage years.  I like to think that Dad would approve of what we are doing there - he was also a beekeeper, a conservation-minded person, and a handyman --

Our families find it somewhat amusing that their "city kids" want to go 'back to the farm....'

We started with a garden on the Hannu family land near Finlayson, Minnesota about nine years ago, and soon found ourselves up to our necks in tomatoes --- what to do?

With the entire concept of "CSA" (Community Supported Agriculture) shares being very popular in our area, we decided to give it a try.  In our first year, we had five families on board with us, as we began to learn the ropes of growing and transporting quality food items.  We graduated from Lake Superior Sustainable Agriculture's "Farm Beginnings" class, and continue to learn and grow...  .

Now, we have expanded the perimeter of the garden numerous times; tenfold what it was that first year.  We've bought two tillers, built a solar greenhouse, been drained dry by mosquitoes, dug until our backs wore out, erected a 30x72 foot high tunnel, been dive-bombed by hummingbirds and pooped on by eagles, eaten peas fresh out of the pod, inhaled sun-warmed herbs, and generally enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. 

Now, Uncle Herman's Farm has expanded to accommodate approximately 30 crop shares.  We are continually learning and growing in our process, so appreciate you sharing in it all.

Our goal is to fill a niche in the market for fresh, wholesome, sustainably-produced foods by providing smaller, less-expensive shares - perfect for singles or couples - within a 60-mile radius of our farm.

And love doing it!